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The goal of this form* is to get MOST of the information about the dome(s) you need.  Anything that is unclear and/or unanswered with this page, we will clarify and answer on the phone or through email in the next steps of toward your dome ownership.  We’re also eager to help you maintain and utilize your dome to it’s fullest.  So, you can always call on us whenever you need support!

*Note:  This page is under construction, so there are no functional form features.  Please print or copy the consolidated version of the form on our Dome Order Form page, or you can just write out all your design preferences, each time you see “[…………]”, separately on paper (and photograph that), or in a text doc and/or email to David at GrowInDomes dot com, or text to David at 1 (530) 334-0489.

If you want multiple identical domes, fill out desired quantity below.   If you want multiple domes  of different designs, please fill out the form once for each different design you want.


Purpose for your dome:

4v floor space

31′ wide 4v Meeting Room Space

· AG Buildings

Like Greenhouses, Livestock enclosures and Storage sheds

· Home or Glamping Shelter

· Event/ Festival Feature

Click here to a see an extensive list of dome uses!

How big should it be?  Diameter as well as head-room are both important considerations.

So we can give you the best consultative advice we can,  please describe the purpose for your dome in as much detail as you’d like, including the climate in which you will be using the dome.

Will you need your dome to be portable or installed permanently?


Geodesic Dome Frame Basic Design

Here are a couple diagrams to help explain the names of frame styles, i.e. “1v, 2v, 3v,” etc. frequency_diagramfrequencies We can customize just about any size or frequency for you.  The next image just shows a few popular choices that may be perfect for you.

Orange text shows actual size. Black text shows called names in the dome industry.

Note: The prices listed are current as of January 2024, but are subject to change.

We can do all kinds of customization for you including things like tunnels between domes, tunnel or silo style frames, complete spheres, and just about anything you can imagine.

12' six ninths 3vtall 2vUntitled3x6x9 domethick8 by 6.5 by 16 silo pill 2v3v in 4v 32 by 100 plus elongated 4v frame 4v

Describe your dome frame (examples:  “23.5′ wide 5/8 3v”,   “31′ wide x 100′ long 4v tunnel-style”, “20′ wide 15′ tall silo-style 4v”).   If you don’t feel like using the jargon, just do your best to let us know the size and shape you want!

Note: If snow loads or other factors require your frame and cover to have more strength we encourage you to consider frame with avg. 3.3′ long struts instead of one with 5′ long avg. struts. (example: a 16′ 3v is stronger than a 16′ 2v)


Struts are braces that support a structure.   A geodesic dome frame is made completely of struts, nuts and bolts.  It’s ALL structural!

strut end 2014-03-12 11.12.12 40ft 5v struts

All of our struts are galvanized steel, (known as EMT).

Most commonly we use:

  • 1/2″ I.D.(Inner Diameter)  This diameter strut is ample in many cases.
  • 3/4″ I.D. (Called Standard: .92″ by the market leaders)
  • 1″ I.D. (Called Heavy Duty: 1.31″)

Please specify strut size desired.


Due to the various sizes and styles of dome frames doors can end up being different shapes and styles as well.

4v cut list door question

2v extended height cover diagram blank20160416_112049 Flush Doorways

4v triangle door

2v extended height cover diagram wide door Reinforced Doorways

4v double door scetch diagram

3v dome vent and door placement Inset Doorways


IMG_20210329_192933 Dormered Doorways, Arbors, and Awnings

We will work with you to figure out which is best.   In the mean time you can draw on a provided diagram or you can note about any doorway preferences you have (such as any attributes already mentioned as well as quantity of doorways, and their relative location to any other doorway[s]).

eye bolts on 3ft 2v dome frameYou can also include the location of any eye-bolts you would like instead of standard hex bolts otherwise included.  Eyebolts are handy for hanging things like hanging shelves, suspended potted plants and hammocks.


Dome Diagrams

Crows Nest
The cherry on top
frames approx $250.  Covers approx $750
Crows NestIMG_20221003_153306556IMG_20221003_162730465_HDR

  • Offering rain-proof vent protection (barring hurricane winds).
  • Space for up to 5 vents, or leave all 10 vertical sections open!
  • Extra Headroom
  • Can be customized to any height
  • Get your best view of the scenery
  • Extra Shade in the summer while allowing ample ambient daylight inside
  • Can be segregated by insulative liner in the winter

Shall we add a crows nest frame to your order?  As a standard we make them short/sleek as pictured, so specify if you prefer otherwise.  Also note the difference in the two pictures above of the green-covered dome.  In the first picture the struts have been removed from the crows nests opening, and they are in place in the other picture.  Let us know if you’d like those struts included or excluded.



Cover Design

Generally 2-3x cost of frame from 3/4″ EMT

vinyl color options

more vinyl color options Cover Color Options

Vinyl Canvas: 18-22 oz. Mesh-reinforced In your color of choice, and 20-40 oz crystal clear for windows.  Here are a list of available colors (when in stock):
Light Blue
Royal Blue
Navy Blue
Kelley Green
Darker Green
Burnt Orange
Red-White-Blue Camo

Here is the cover material we use and recommend:

  • Which color(s) would you like for your cover? In case your preference is not available give us your second and third choices.
  • Also include the placement of your vents if you have preferences,
  • Show any section borders if you would prefer to have your cover be multiple sections instead of one solid piece.
  • You can also include the location of any eye-bolts you would like instead of standard hex bolts otherwise included.

:3vdiagram transparency4v bee3v yellow and tanMatt 16ft 3v

Covers can be glued at the edge to the dome frame with X-15 PVC adhesive.  If you prefer another option like grommets around the perimeter for paracord attachment please specify below.

Leave us any description you have in mind how you’d like your cover and/or submit any sketches you have here.

What color(s)/clear combo would you like?

Upload files here [………………]
You can use the Dome Diagrams for your sketches.



Doors can be closed by either hinges or zippers.  Hinged Doors can be basic (made-from-struts), custom welded, or to your other specifications.  Zipper doors can be augmented with magnets for frequent use with less abuse to the zipper.

IMG_2001mini greenhouse pic20200625_093758

Specify here if you have a preference for your door(s)



Various types of electric fans are available.  Some are solar, but they can all be hooked to any power supply.  A crows nest can make passive ventilation more practical!

20180502_115511 20180502_115550 IMG_20210116_105732117_HDR IMG_20210116_110830775IMG_20180824_181507520IMG_20180828_181008104_HDRIMG_20180820_164801532

In our opinion one hinged vent in the crows nest is best.  Any fan can be placed at that vent to improve performance if needed.crows nest

Specify here if you have a preference for vents.


Installation Options and Kit Options

Finished kit (We make your cover at our location):  Great for domes intended for future and/or portable purposes
………..Save money VS. onsite install by us

Installed by us (We come make your cover at your location):  Almost wrinkle-free & tighter fit because it doesn’t need to be folded for shipping.

Installed by you:  This option is a good money saver!
When you order a frame from us, we’ll give you Free DIY instructions to make your own cover!  If you’d like us to cut and send/deliver you cover pieces (It takes a lot of space and a giant cutting board) we can do that!   The tools for cover making (after cutting) are ladders, trigger clamps, neodymium magnets and scissors which are all very useful, in general.  Misc. materials are X-15 (shower-pan liner adhesive), isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, and paper towels.

Initially you can cover your frame with tarps until finances allow the cost of a fitted vinyl cover.  We have done this with our own personal domes regularly, as we’ve grown our practice over the last decade+.


IMG_20220402_120130_01 IMG_20221015_103631955 IMG_20221021_092048381_HDRIMG_20221224_135541403_HDR

Specify here which installation or kit option you’d like:

If you want a Full Onsite Installation from us please go over this list of logistical factors we need to consider in taking/pricing the job:

  • Physical address of site?
  • Host us or budget for motel?
  • Level site? Grading needed?
  • Surface texture? concrete, dirt, deck, gravel etc. (Note:  It may be less likely you will require a permit if your dome is on the ground rather than a deck)
  • Ease of access to property?
  • How close can we pull a vehicle to the location of the dome build site?
  • Electrical power source?
  • Water source and quality?
  • Anything else you can think of that might effect our productivity, (i.e. distance from dome build site to nearest hardware store, restaurants, groceries, etc., or regular challenging attributes of the site like flash-floods or abundant mosquitos, pig sties)?


Here are more factors we will determine with you, either just FYI or prior to if we do a full installation of your dome:

Anchoring will depend on the surface the dome is installed upon.

Flooring options are available to your reasonable specs, or we can make a recommendation such as an interior raised floor(we recommend exterior decks to be free-standing.  Domes on protruding decks are leak hazards), pavers or slate. Perhaps dig out spot for fire-pit, pond, garden bed, or full geothermal greenhouse (like a walipini)

Specify here any information or preferences you have regarding Anchoring and Flooring options


You can consider the following items now or at any point in the future.

Insulation options:  How hot and cold does it get there? What is your budget?  Options range from very inexpensive to very expensive.

Water and Electric Options

HVAC Options

Lofts and loft access such as stairs

Rigid exterior wall options

Interior wall options

Hanging shelves/racks

Attached shelf frames located on wall.

Specify here any preferences you have regarding this list or any other amenities you would like in your dome.


Let us know or ask us anything you’d like

We look forward to working with you!

-Elevate the Individual, Elevate the Local Community, Elevate Humanity-
-DomeAndGarden Founder, David Pantone